Memorandum of Understanding/ Agreements signed between India and Australia

On November 16-18, 2014 several Memorandum of Understanding/ Agreements were signed between India and Australia, which include:

  • Agreement on Social Security: The objective of the Agreement is to lead greater economic ties between the two countries and to promote the flow of professionals by strengthening the people-to-people contacts and facilitating and regulating the regulations between the two countries with respect to Social Security benefits and coverage. The Agreement provides for social security and superannuation benefits to those who have been residents of the other country on the basis of equality of benefit, export of benefits and avoidance of double coverage. 
  • Agreement concerning Transfer of Sentenced Persons: The Agreement facilitates, regulates and lay down procedures for the transfer of sentenced persons and enables their rehabilitation and reintegration into society. It also aims to enhance co-operative efforts in law enforcement and administration of justice and cooperation in the enforcement of penal sentences.
  •  MoU on combating Narcotics trafficking and developing Police Co-operation: The aim of the MoU is to address concerns regarding illicit trafficking and drug abuse. It places priority on tackling illicit trade, diversion of precursor, asset forfeiture and drug money laundering. It also focuses to promote development of strategies and procedures to disrupt and dismantle transnational narcotics related threats.
  •  MoU on Cooperation in the field of Art and Culture: It aims to enhance cultural relations between the two countries; deepen understanding between the people, institution and art genres; and promote sound and sustainable artistic and cultural activities. It also provides to promote cooperation through exchange of information, professional expertise, training and exhibition in the field of culture.
  • MoU in the field of Tourism: The objective of the MoU is to enhance bilateral cooperation in the tourism policy, information exchange, interaction between tourism stakeholders, training and investment in the hospitality sector. It also provides to promote importance of tourism sector in the economic development and employment generation.

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