WBNUJS Lecture Series: Lecture by Marc S.Galanter on 2nd of December, 2014

Reported by Apoorv Agarwal

Professor Galanter who happens to be a professor of law at South Asian Studies, Wisconsin Law School delivered a lecture on ‘Access to Justice’. He spoke about the Constitution and its growing nature along with how elitism has entered law schools which were meant to be institutions of learning. His lecture primarily focused on how everyone has a right to have a fair medium of attaining justice and how the justice system must evolve. The lecture had Ex-CJI Justice Altamas Kabir in attendance and there was a much needed debate at the end wherein Justice Kabir spoke about the legal system growing out of the roots of the British and the colonial system. He also stated how the judicial activism permits reading out of the black letter of the law which restraints judges from protecting the constitutional role they have to play. Dr.Bikramjit Dey who is a professor at the university and is a graduate of the Oxford University posed a question which led to this debate of the evolution of the legal system. Professor Galanter was seen to humor the students with his knack of comparing the legal systems of the world and how neither of them are perfect but are in a pursuit to becoming so. The lecture though held on a weekday saw a full house. 

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