NLSIU organising XI edition of Admit One (Annual Theatre Fest)

National Law School of India University, Bangalore, is back with Admit One, annual theatre fest, to rejuvenate you with theatre.

The XI edition of Admit One will be held from 12th September to 15th September, 2016 at KEA Prabath Rangamandira, Bangalore.

“There’s theatre in life, obviously, and there’s life in theatre.” –Charlie Kaufman

With the likes of theatre connoisseurs like Mallika Sarabhai, Arundhati Nag, Chippy Gangjee, Munira Sen and Leila Alvares gracing the event over the past ten editions, Admit One has surely made a mark for itself.

This year NLSIU is introducing two new formats beside the traditional “Conventional Theatre” Format wherein the participating colleges can put up any play of their choice for a duration of 30 minutes. The Musical Format requires the participating teams to stage a production that balances dialogue with music. It is an initiative for the aspiring theatre groups in collaboration with CreatHives, an online platform for artists, by introducing the “Emerging Theatre” round for the first time. In this format, the young theatre groups will be curated by the renowned Theatre personality, Mr. Ashish Sen before they compete against each other on the final day of the theatre fest.

Cash prizes of Rs.1,00,000 for the winners.

Colleges can register for Admit One, 2016 by clicking HERE . Theatre groups that are interested in participating can register themselves by clicking HERE

The last date for registration is August 18, 2016. However, the Registration and Accommodation Fee can be sent in till August 25, 2016.

The Registration amount is as follows:

1) INR 650 per person for the Conventional Format

2) INR 450 per person for the Musical Format

3) INR 600 per person for the Emerging Theatre Category

The fee for accommodation is INR 1000 per person per day.

For more details, Click HERE for updates on Facebook page  or click HERE for website.


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