New Edition of Sarathi’s Classic on Law of Evidence released

Vepa P. Sarathi’s Law of Evidence is a classic work on the subject that clarifies and explains the complicated rules governing the law of evidence in a straightforward and easily comprehensible style.

While maintaining the flair of this admired work, the revising author has updated the current seventh edition of the book with the latest case laws and statutory changes which have happened since the last edition.

With the enormous growth of Information Technology, electronic records have replaced paper-based transactions and consequently the use of digital and electronic signatures to authenticate these records. This edition exhaustively deals with this topic including the pronouncement of the Supreme Court in Anvar P.V. v. P.K. Basheer, (2010) 10 SCC 473.

The amendments carried out in the Evidence Act, 1872 through the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013 have been discussed exhaustively. Apart from this, readers will find the appendices of the book very useful. The first appendix discusses whether Industrial Tribunal is bound by the rules of Evidence Act and the second appendix is devoted to Digital and Electronic Signatures.

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The book will be immensely useful for students of the LL.B. and LL.M. courses, public prosecutors, law teachers and members of the Bench and the Bar.


  • In a volume of modest size and price you have succeeded in making the rules appear reasonable, ingenious, and stimulating. You have avoided the dullness of so many text books on the subject by enlivening your commentary by a bright and colourful style. I am sure that students and others will find your book of the greatest help in their studies.” — Sir Lionel Horwill, I.C.S., Former Judge, Madras High Court
  • “The subject is one which students occasionally find difficult and at times intractable; but Mr. Vepa has elucidated all the matters that students are apt to stumble over.” — P.V. Balakrishna Iyer, I.C.S., Former Judge, Madras High Court
  • I have always cherished a very high opinion of the qualities of his mind and the range and accuracy of his scholarship. The Elements of the Law of Evidence’ is a work upon which the author deserves to be congratulated.” — Justice M. Seshachelapati, Judge, High Court of Andhra Pradesh

A copy of the book can be purchased here:

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