Google Startup Weekend Cutttack at NLUO

Google Startup weekend was organised for the first time in National Law University, Odisha. The Title sponsor of the event was GOOGLE and the Facilitator was sent from Tech Startus. It was organised by LexTech – Centre for Law Entrepreneurship & Innovation, National Law University Odisha, Cuttack edition of Startup Weekend in association with Techstars and Google for Entrepreneurs from 24th of March to 26th of March, 2017. SCC Online and Eastern Book Company were the Exclusive Knowledge Partners.

Inaugural session began by a speech by Mr. Kondiah who said, “This is an era of angel funds, crowd funding, angel investor and the movement started by the Government is taking path.” To which the Vice Chancellor Dr. Prof Krishna Deva Rao  added, “Law and entrepreneurship is an idea which has incorporated as a seminar course in NLUO for the final year of students. There is increase in giving importance to the start-ups this is an era where we needs to stop the conventional thinking of 10-04 job, one should break the boundaries of conventional thinking and move towards proactive thinking. Don’t look for a job create a job, increase proactive thinking.”
After the Vice Chancellor, the keynote speaker Ashwini Rath shared his views about the start-ups and the entrepreneurship. Then Amlaan Patnaik took the stage, who is the facilitator of the startup weekend in India and abroad. He facilitates the whole event and takes part as volunteer helping with each and every point. He started activities in which firstly he asked for some 15 random words and then made a team of 5-6 members after which he asked to choose two words and then he told that it is the name of your company. Give a logo to your company and tell the features of your company.

Pitch Process starts:

1)  Get in line to pitch.

2) It’s a 60 second process.

3) Tell organizers the name of your idea, what you need to start from this.

4) Anatomy of pitch:

Name – existing problem – your solution to that problem- what do you need in your team.

The he asked for demo pitch and that was done by Abhishek Kumar and Yash Bagal, members of the committee.

After this pitching started:

1) Dizilaw is the idea in which you will get a best lawyer, it is the one portal to all the issues from an experienced lawyer.

2)Brijbhanu: Legalghats; provides consultancy services and help in accessing services from lawyers.

3)Harshvardhan: Last walk, there are many event organizer but no one organizes the funeral ceremonies, they are going to organize all the funeral rites and ceremonies.

4) Siddesh: Providing organic food easily; aimed to create a network for developing food products and sell them on retail basis.

21 ideas were presented and after voting top 6 got selected to make a team and the top 6 were: Sourav, Devyansh, Ganesh, Harhvardhan, Siddesh, Prerona. They need minimum 5 memebers in their team to go to the next round.

 Abhishek Kumar starts off the second day’s first session by introducing the concept of the Business Canvas Model using the example of shoes as the product, to the audience. With this the first session of the second day came to an end, a ten minute break was taken after which a Webinar session was conducted with Mr. Mayank Pathak, he is an IIT Kanpur graduate who has been working with startups for the last couple of years and at the moment has his own health and fitness startup called ‘Cairo Healthcare’. Mr. Mayank very graciously answered a lot of the questions put forth by the audience and gave an insight into how one can go about creating their own startup.

 In the post lunch session, Mr. Chandra Shekhar, Debasis Sahu and other mentors who are distinguished personalities in their forte, guided the teams about their cost and revenue model, target audience and capital generation techniques.

“GoLegal” as a participating team is pursuing an online portal to fill the gap and remove hierarchy among law schools.  Mr. Chandra Shekhar portrayed himself as a layman and questioned the team about their project and its effectiveness. He commented, “Looking at the model in the terms of revenue generation, I suggest the team to pay in terms of popularity of cases rather than reducing work load. Equality is good when it comes to democracy but can prove to be fatal when it comes to business.”

As the session proceeded, the mentors interacted with all the teams, offered their valuable advice and suggestions. They encouraged them to think out of the box, bring uniqueness to their project, and to focus on making a strong USP for their project. In addition to that they raised several questions about their target market, finance model, pay model, marketing and much more.

The mentors interacted with each team, took their time and made them realize their strength and weaknesses. They preached the teams the ways of an entrepreneur; both Mr. Chandra Shekhar and Sanmay stressed on the fact that Time is Money.
The team of “The Last Walk” as a participant put forth the idea of managing literally the last walk of a person. The team focuses on the idea of the event management; they make the process of the union of aatme and Parmatma easier, by organizing the ceremonies after the death of a person.  The mentors quite appreciated the idea.  And if the idea is executed properly then the team will never run out of customers because ValarMorghulis. Few of them commented that it is a good business plan as death is inevitable.

The Last day of the event ended well. The panel of judges announced the winners,  ACCESS, Go Legal were regarded as the winners and Pahunch, the runner-ups. The winning team ACCESS included 6 students of NLUO itself: Sourav Mishra, Rahul  Agrawal, Tanmay Agrawal, Neelesh Shukla, Anshuman Rath and Raj Kumar. They shall get an incubation from TiE Bhubaneshwar and TBI KIIT among other attractions. EBC gifted complimentary copies of the book  “An Entrepreneur’s Legal Guide to Doing Business” to all the participants.

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