Delhi HC launches helpline number for easy access to justice

As reported by NDTV, the Delhi High Court, in a first of its kind initiative, launched a helpline number 1888 for easy access to justice. The helpline number ‘1888’ is being made functional after being allotted by the Ministry of Communications, Government of India.

Litigants can make advance reservation for a facility by calling helpline number 1888 or sending an SMS to it. The helpline is aimed at providing multi-functional information dispensation facilities including information about listing and filing of cases, legal aid and arbitration along with other functional facilities for litigants and advocates.

Initially, the helpline is proposed to be used for providing wheelchair assistance to differently abled persons. The caller shall make a call on the helpline and the designated officer who shall receive the call will note down the requirement and shall respond through telephone or SMS. He shall simultaneously make the arrangement at the ground to receive the person at the gate of the High Court.

Source: NDTV

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