Death warrant against Surinder Koli, convict in the infernal “Nithari Killings” case, stayed

Supreme Court: Relying upon the recent order dated 02.09.2014 of the Court in Mohd. Arif v. Supreme Court of India, (Writ Petition No.77 of 2014), Surinder Koli, the convict in the Nithari Killings case, sought for recalling and reviewing of the Death warrant issued against him. Considering the urgency of the matter, the bench of H.L. Dattu and Anil R. Dave, took up the matter in the middle of the night at 1:00 AM on 08.09.2014 as it was contended that the execution of the death sentence may take place at 5:30 AM on 08.09.2014. 

In a recent development in the infernal serial murders in Nithari in 2005-2006, a death warrant has been issued against Surinder Koli, convicted in the “Nithari Killings”. Issuing the death warrant in connection with the rape and brutal murder of a 14 year old girl, Rimpa Halder, the learned Judge said that the convict should be hanged to death as he had exhausted all his legal remedies. It is pertinent to mention here that in connection to the serial murders, Koli has been sentenced to death in four more cases. In total, 11 cases of murder are pending against him and the chargesheet was filed against him in 16 cases.

The brief facts related to the case are that the convict Surinder Koli not only allured and kidnapped the victims but also murdered them. He committed rape on the dead bodies and later defiled them, often cutting the victims for cooking. The serial murders came into limelight when a 14 year old girl, Rimpa Halder, went missing in 2006 and was found murdered by the convict in Nithari (Noida, U.P.) along with the skeletal remains of other victims buried near the house where Koli worked as domestic helper & stayed with his employer, Moninder Sing Pandher. Koli and Pandher were both awarded death sentence by lower court, for murdering Rimpa Halder. While Koli’s death sentence was upheld, Pandher was acquitted by the Allahabad High Court. Later, the Supreme Court rejected Koli’s mercy petition and confirmed his death sentence on 15-02-2011. Finally, his mercy petition was rejected by the President on 27-07-2014.

Fixing a date of his execution, the learned Judge has said that Koli appeared to be a serial killer and no mercy could be shown to him.  Surender Koli v. State of Uttar Pradesh, Review Petition (Criminal) No. 395 of 2014, decided on 08.09.2014

Note: Facts of the case have been taken from Press Trust of India

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