Articles Published in 2015 SCC Vol. 4 May 7, 2015 Part 4

  • Shariat Courts: This article aims to address the questions involving constitutional and legal validity of Sharit Courts in India. It undertakes a critical analysis of the judgment in the case of Vishwa Lochan Madan v. Union of India, (2014) 7 SCC 707. While it endorses the decision of the Supreme Court in not issuing the order to ban Shariat courts, it argues that the judgment does not offer anything new in relation to the position of Shariat courts or about the relationship between personal laws and constitutional values. Shariat Courts — Institutions with Laudable Objectives and ‘Illegal Decisions’! A Comment on Vishwa Lochan Madan v. Union of India(2014) 7 SCC 707 by Nidhi Gupta, (2015) 4 SCC (J-28)
  • Tribute to Late Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer: Farewell speech to mourn the sad demise of Justice Krishna Iyer. A Tribute to The Memory of the Late Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer, (2015) 4 SCC (J-19)

  • Critical legal literature: There is huge importance of the judicial process and the role of the courts. It is by judicial interpretation that many a times you breathe life into the Constitution. Constitutional law cannot be confined to mere words of the Constitution disregarding the gloss which life has written upon them. Critical legal literature is without doubt of invaluable assistance in presenting a true and coherent picture of the law while decided cases by themselves might appear as “a wilderness of single instances”. The purpose of such writing is to subject judicial power to the restraints of reason, of sceptical analysis, of philosophic enquiry. Some criticism may be justified, some criticism may be mistaken. But criticism cannot be abandoned altogether. Academic Critique of Judicial Pronouncements by V. Sudhish Pai(2015) 4 SCC (J-22)

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