Winnings of NUJS, Kolkata

1. NUJS won the 69th Mukarji Memorial Debate at St. Stephens. The team included Shourya Dasgupta (3rd year) and Suchisubra Sarkar (3rd year)  Shourya was judged the best speaker and Suchi was adjudged the second best speaker.

2. Zaid (2nd year), Paayas Pandit (2nd year) and Nikhil Iyer (3rd year) of NUJS won the Prologue Debate at Presidency University. Additionally Ananya Kumar (2nd year) was declared the best adjudicator and Arka (2nd year) was declared  the second best adjudicator in tournament.
3. Md Zaid, Arka Banerjee Choudhury and Ananya Nigam (all 2nd year)  won the 5th RML Parliamentary Debate. 
4. Priyal Sanghvi, Adit Garg, Vibhore Yadav of the first year won the IIT Guwahati Parliamentary Debate.The other finalists were also from NUJS.
5. Indrajeet Banerjee, Ayana Banerjee and Shubhrojyoti Mukherjee (all first years) were semi-finalists at the Jindal Debate. 
6. The Constitutional Law Society of NUJS conducted 10th DD Basu Essay Competition where Aditya Manubarwala of Pravin Gandhi College of Law, Mumbai University got the first prize. Aditya Pattnaik & Adyasha Nanda from NUJS and NLUO  were declared second. Jeydev C S and Chirayu Jain from NLSIU received the  Certificate of Merit. 
7. The Constitutional Law Society of NUJS conducted second edition of MOCK Youth Parliament where Utkarsh Agarwal got first position and Indrajeet Banerjee got second position. Rohit Sharma and Varun Kannan got special mention.

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