Provide specific information pertaining to Bangladeshi nationals in Indian territory, CIC directs Ministry of External affairs

Central Information Commission: The appellant in a case before CPIO had sought information pertaining to the Bangladeshi nationals residing in India. The appellant had appealed before the Commission for CPIO had failed to provide him any information sought by him under the RTI Act and instead of providing any information; the CPIO transferred his RTI application to the Foreigners Division, MHA.

The appellant however, had received the response from Ministry of External Affairs, but the information provided was not complete. On hearing the appellant, Commissioner Sudhir Bhargava observed that complete and correct information had not been provided to the appellant. Thus, Commission directed the Ministry to provide specific and point wise information to the appellant and also directed the MHA to make sure the copy of order is received and complied with by External Affairs Ministry. [Pankaj Kanhaiyalal Darwe v. CPIO (MHA), CIC/SB/A/2016/001226, decided on 31.08.2017]

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