HPNLU Shimla to organise National Conference on Paradigmatic Shifts in Law and Justice in 21st Century : Challenges & Opportunities

Himachal Pradesh National Law University, Shimla is organising a National Conference on “Paradigmatic Shifts in Law and Justice in 21st Century : Challenges & Opportunities” from December 8-10, 2017 at HPNLU Shimla.

About the Conference: This  conference is intended to cause sincere reflections on the issues, which have been discoursing stock since the starting of 21st Century. Hopefully academics will be able to contribute towards settling concerns which have not been hitherto satisfactorily settled and also which are at a very nascent stage but surely comprise of crucial concerns. The 21st   century    where   the   pace   of social transformation and its consequences- both liberating and deleterious, for individual and collective existence has become increasingly commensurable and,  therefore, more challenging to explain and interpret. In particular, our laws and mechanisms of justice delivery today seem beset with questions of a nature unforeseen in human history. Numerous experiments in the domains of legislation, interpretation and execution seem to have thrown up novel challenges with regard to their real meanings for the lives of individuals and communities alike. The Conference is a modest endeavor by the University to facilitate spontaneous and original thinking on these kinds of problems.

Journal, Conference & Publication Committee: The University is bringing out in November 2017, maiden volume of its flagship annual publication: “Shimla Law Review” (SLR). The Editorial Committee can be reached at: editorhpnlulr@gmail.com ; or visit at: http://hpnlu.ac.in.

Thematic Areas of the Conference:

1. Personal Laws in Changing Social Context

(a) Fundamental Rights and Personal Laws;

(b) Socio- Economic Development and Discriminatory Personal Laws;

(c) Personal Law and Secularism

2. Administration of Justice & Contempt of Court

(a) Contempt of  Court in Indian Context:  Purposes & Objectives;

(b) Widening Reach of Media and Court Proceedings;

(c) Court Officials and Contempt of Court

3. Environmental degradation & Social (In)justice

(a) Protection of Environment: A Concern of Existence;

(b) Development   and   Environmental   Concerns   in Himachal  Pradesh;

(c)  Role  of  NGT   in  Environment Protection

4. Marital Rape, Matrimonial Obligation & Dignity of Women

(a)  Marital  Rape as a Form of Domestic Violence  and Sexual  Abuse;

(b)  Is  Marriage  License  to  Rape;

(c) Marital  Rape: Challenges and Apprehensions in Indian Milieu

5. Financial Federalism in 21st Century & Constitution

(a) GST: Challenges and Opportunities;

(b) Free Trade, Commerce and Intercourse Post Jindal Pronouncement;

(c) Role of Finance Commission & NITI  Aayog

6. State, Growth of MNCs & Human Rights in India

(a)  State, Socio-Economic Order &  Human Rights;

(b) Role of MNCs in Protection of Human Rights;

(c) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Human Rights

7. Evidence Law: Challenges and Prospects in cyber Age

(a) Emerging Challenges in Investigation and Prosecution;

(b) Technological Advancement: Relevancy and Admissibility of Evidences;

(c) Payment Gateways & Monetary Offences

8. Gender Identity & Social Inclusion

(a) Law, Gender & Sexual Identity;

(b) Third Gender & Social Inclusion;

(c) Individual Autonomy &  Social Exclusions.

Contact: Mr. Santosh Kr Sharma: Conference Secretary  +91-9560188636; +91-9968649149

Addl. Secretaries

Dr. Girjesh Shukla:       +91-9659205772

Dr. Alok Kumar:           +91-7018045299

Asst. Secretaries 

Mr. Amit Chaturvedi:   +91-7018042184

Ms. Sarita:                   +91-8360783614

Dr. Ved Prakash:          +91-8988041212

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