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Colossus 2019, the annual cultural and sports fest of HNLU, will take place from 15th Feb to 17th Feb 2019. The university is also organising it’s flagship event, HNLU IMUNC on the same dates along with the fest.

Colossus 2019, 15th – 17th February 2019 

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce the 6th Edition of Hidayatullah National Law  University’s Annual Cultural and Sports Fest, Colossus 2019.  The previous editions of Colossus have been great successes, and this year we’re aiming  higher than ever before to provide you an experience which you will most certainly  remember for the years to come. Set in the backdrop of the beautiful Atal Nagar Colossus 2019 embraces Chhattisgarh in all its glory and aesthetic grace and presents to you a tantalising cultural experience.

HNLU IMUNC 2019, 15th – 17th February 2019

HNLU IMUNC is the flagship event of Hidayatullah National Law University. We provide a platform to students across the nation, and beyond the borders as well, to deliberate and make a difference by their critical thinking, and analysis of world affairs. After a very successful 2nd edition HNLU IMUNC is back with a bang. HNLU IMUNC 2019 will be a 3 day event which will take place in the model city of Atal Nagar in the lush green campus of our very own Hidayatullah National Law University. IMUNC is Central India’s  biggest celebration of right to freedom of expression with over 300 youth ready to question the established norms and discuss agendas for the development of our society.

This MUN will give delegates a chance to debate contemporary issues and challenge them to give new perspectives. We at HNLU IMUNC aspire to bring together the best from across the globe to make this a very successful event. With this mindset, we sincerely invite you all to this one of its kind educational conference with a promise to provide a socio- cultural unforgettable experience.

For more information, refer Colossus 2019 Pre Invite
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Hon’ble Justice A K Tripathi, Chief Justice, High Court of Chhattisgarh and Chancellor, Hidayatullah National Law University, paid an honorary visit to Hidayatullah National Law University on the 7th of October, 2018.

He addressed the students, teachers, and staff of the University and delivered an emotional speech in the aftermath of the protests against Sukh Pal Singh, an apathetic administration, inaction on allegations of sexual harassment and financial irregularities. The Chancellor knowing that these allegations have been long buried by the students and the administration alike, because of the indifference of those in power, assured the students that prompt action would be taken henceforth and that he would not be a silent bystander in the events of our University.

He urged the students to bring accolades and re-establish the high standards of legal education at HNLU. Promising the students good faculty and a considerate administration, he highlighted the fact that in a quest for success, both the students and the authorities will have to work hand in hand.

The Student Bar Association appealed to the students of HNLU to aim for success in all academic fields because, now, the University is theirs and all its resources are at their full disposal.

While addressing the gathering, he said that he had come to bury the past. The Chancellor said that he couldn’t sleep or eat properly after he came to know that his beloved students were going to begin a hunger strike. He told everyone that he wanted to work for the best interests of the University and the students and he shall do so in future also.

Relevant excerpts from his speech:

“I saw so many smiling faces. Keep it that way. I’m getting a little emotional. I don’t want my children to suffer. The day I came to know that my children are going on a fast, I could neither sleep nor eat properly. That was the day I decided that curtains have to be drawn on the era which is the reason for all the friction and bad blood which was created in the university.

Friends, Romans and Countrymen, I have not come to bury Caesar. Caesar has already been buried on the 3rd. I have come to bury the past. Let’s draw the curtains on the bygone era. We have to now start building it afresh. It is my request to all the revolutionaries amongst the students, employees, faculty; that they must return to the barracks. The revolution is over. The czar is toppled. The time to build the nation has begun. For that, we need a contribution from every quarter. We have come here to create an atmosphere of the information where the primary focus of acquiring knowledge and skills which is going to stand by you.”

“……Justice delivery in this country has to be better. Legal profession needs these universities. We want quality people to come in. Focus on studies. Bring laurels to the University. I will stand by you. I will not be a silent spectator. I will make sure that whatever is required to be done for the University is done within a reasonable time frame.”


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Today was a historic day at HNLU Raipur. The students have been protesting against the discriminatory and arbitrary rules of the institution for the past three days.

Today on the 3rd day of the protest, in order to look into the demands made by the students, the Chancellor of the University appointed Mr. Ravi Shankar Sharma the Principal Secretary, Government of Chhattisgarh, via notification as the Vice-Chancellor of the University. Mr Sharma would be discharging his duties as the Vice-Chancellor of the University, in addition to his present responsibilities as the Principal Secretary, Law and Legislative Affairs Department, Government of Chhattisgarh. After the appointment of the new VC took place, he came to the auditorium and accepted most of the demands orally and asked for 3 days’ time to make a decision on a few demands. He assured that all the demands will be taken care of.
The students have decided to continue the protest as long as all the demands are not accepted. The students have decided to attend the lectures and continue with the protest after the class hours. The appointment of new VC has come as a relief as we have an authority who is ready for a discussion and has already accepted most of our demands. We thank the students of NLSIU, NALSAR, NUJS, NLIU, NLU-J, and NLU-D for supporting us by releasing a solidarity statement.

Background: HNLU Raipur students had assembled overnight since 27th of August outside the college,  following the Chhattisgarh High Court’s ruling on 27-8-2018 in Dr Avinash Samal v. State of Chhattisgarh, that the 2014 extension of the Vice-Chancellor’s tenure had been made illegally as the recommendation for his extension was granted based on a statute that had not come into effect.

The students, employing the hashtag #HNLUkiAzaadi on social media, were calling for  the administration to “respect” the judgment of the Chhattisgarh High Court and “not allow Dr. Sukh Pal Singh to continue as the VC of the University, as his appointment has been found to be illegal”. The students of HNLU were also informed that the VC was contending appealing against the order. The Student Body Association of HNLU strongly opposes this appeal and wishes for Mr. Sukh Pal Singh to file his official resignation immediately. We also contend that henceforth, he has absolutely no power in relation to his previous duties as a Vice-Chancellor.

To view the list of demands, click HERE.

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