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About The Course:

The ILS Law College is organizing a 7 session’s certificate programme on ‘Criminal Law: Practice and Procedure’.  This program aims at sensitizing the law students and budding lawyers in the technique of learning and understanding the Criminal Procedure law and the practice of it in the courts as well as the role of the investigating agencies such as CID, CBI etc.

The course commences from Tuesday, 29th January till 3rd February 2019.

Resource Persons:

Judges from the High Court and District courts of Maharashtra, Renowned practicing lawyers from Pune, Mumbai and Delhi.

Click Here for Schedule

VenueLaxmi Building, ILS Law College, Pune 

Registration Open: From 9th January to 29th January 2019

Registration Fees:  Rs.4237.29 +Rs.762.71/- = Rs. 5,000/- (Five Thousand only) + Reading Material

(Attendance is compulsory for all the sessions; otherwise certificates shall not be awarded.)

Payment Mode:  Online Only

Payment can be done online through Direct SBI, Net banking and Credit card.

Contact Details – Ms. Deepali Manjarekar –

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Worried about somebody copying your meme? Worried about somebody stealing your design? Wondering how Banaras Saree is being sold at Mumbai? Worried about somebody else using your name to sell goods? Don’t know what to do? Explore the domain of IPR and what legal repercussions entail such acts of copying and mal intended acts.

Objectives of the Course – The course aims to provide the following:

  • Basic knowledge on the various branches of Intellectual Property Law
  • Holistic understanding of the legalities of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Discuss contemporary issues in Intellectual Property Laws
  • Understanding intricacies involved in drafting filings for Intellectual Property registration
  • Analyzing development of Intellectual Property

Topics which will be covered –

  • Basics of Intellectual Property Law
  • Transacting and Contracting IP
  • Filing and Prosecution (Patents and Trademarks)
  • Media, Sports and IPR
  • IP and Technology Law
  • IPR and Public Policy
  • Competition law and Intellectual Property law
  • IP – Infringement and Passing Off (Litigation)
  • Interface of IPR and Taxation Law

Contemporary Issues in IPR

Teaching Methodology –

  • Interactive lectures will be conducted by eminent academicians, practicing lawyers and IP professionals.
  • One day National Conference/Seminar on IPR*.

Assessment – Assessment will consist of:

  • An MCQ test
  • Research paper/article

Eligibility for Participation –

  • Students from any discipline.
  • Professionals from all disciplines.

Dates for Course: 29 th  January 2019 to 14 th  February 2019
Timing of lectures: 5 PM to 8 PM              (Weekdays)
12 Noon to 5 PM **    (Weekends)

Number of Seats: 100

Registration and Mode of Payment:  Online only

Registration Fees:  Rs. 8000/- (Inclusive of GST)
This registration fees for certificate course includes participation in National Conference/Seminar on IPR.

Last Date of Registration: 26 th  January 2019.

Contact details:
(A) Faculty coordinator: Dr. Suvarna S Nilakh,   Email ID:
(B) Student coordinators:

  • Chaitanya Reddy       (8143593098)                                   Email ID:
  • Pranita Saboo            (9404509717)
  • Shreya Kunwar          (8777295355)

(C) Link for registration:-

Requirements – Participants are expected to read the provided reading material for every session before hand and actively participate in the discussions. Certificate will be awarded on successful completion of the course.

*Details of Conference will be out soon on college website.

**Timings are subject to change

***Attendance for all sessions is mandatory.

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The Centre for Public Law at ILS Law College, Pune is pleased to announce the 6th ILS National Alternate Judgment Writing Competition, 2018-19. The competition aims to inculcate the qualities of critical thinking and analysis.  It will be held in two rounds comprising of written submissions and oral presentations. We cordially invite students pursuing 5 year and 3 year Law Courses and LL.M. Course to participate in this competition.

Important Dates

Last Date for Provisional Registration: 10th January 2019

Date for submitting Written Submissions:

  •      Soft Copy: 20th January 2019
  •      Hard Copy: 25th January 2019

Result of Assessment of Written Submissions: 4th February 2019

Oral Presentation: 25th February, 2019 at ILS Law College, Pune.

For Provisional Registration, click HERE



  • First Prize: Rs. 10,000/-
  • Second Prize: Rs. 8,000/-
  • Third Prize: Rs. 5,000/-

Click Here for the Case-note.

Click Here for the Copy of the Judgment

Click Here for the Copy of the Rule Book.

Click Here for the Application form which is to be sent along with the written submission.

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ILS Centre for Arbitration (ILSCA) in association with Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution Team (PACT) is organizing a two day workshop on “ADR Methods with  Focus on Commercial Arbitration and Mediation”.

This Workshop will provide participants with core arbitration, mediation and negotiation skills and hands-on experience through a variety of simulations and practical role play sessions.

Highlights of the Workshop:

  1. Use of Arbitration-Mediation(Med-Arb) as an appropriate ADR tool in Indian and foreign jurisdictions.
  2. Setting and executing Arbitration and Mediation clauses in commercial contracts.
  3. Recent updates on mandatory Commercial Mediation in India and its impact on the courts of Law.
  4. Pre-Litigation Mediation and court-referred Mediation in India and abroad.
  5. Scope and practice of Investor-State Arbitration in India and Abroad.


  • All the Law students studying in either 3 or 5 year Law course in India are eligible to attend this workshop.
  • Recent Law Graduates, Professionals, and Law Enthusiasts can also be a part of the coveted Workshop.

Location: ILS Law College, Pune.

 Registration procedure

The prospective participants can register by visiting the link given below:

Certificates shall be awarded to all the participants provided they are present for all the sessions conducted on both the days.


  • For ILS Students: ?2500 plus GST(18%)
  • For Non ILS Studens: ?3500 plus GST(18%)
  • For Professionals and Recent Graduates: ?5000 plus GST(18%)

Important Dates

  • Registration Starts from: 13th December, 2018    
  • Last Date to Register:  31st December , 2018

 For Correspondence:

Student Coordinators:

Faculty Coordinators:

  • Sathya Narayan, Ms. AnwitaDinkar; Ph: 020 25676866

Official Email ID (for communications, queries and requests):

For the schedule of the workshop, click HERE

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ILS Pune in association with ILS Centre for Arbitration and Mediation (ILSCA) announced a 48- hours “Mediation Training Program” to be held at ILS law College from 26 th November to 1 st December 2018. This is a maiden program conducted under

Mediation has become one of the premier methods of resolving disputes in the commercial and business world, apart from family disputes. Mediation is not only about conflict and resolution; it is about maintaining relationship and adding value. In effect, dispute is treated as an opportunity to bring about a change in the existing status of the disputing parties, to make it better than they had before the dispute! This is possible with the skills of an excellent mediator. The ILS Centre for Arbitration and Mediation (ILSCA) was established on 3rd December 2016 by the Indian Law Society (ILS). This Centre is established with the sole purpose of providing facilities for effective Alternative Dispute Resolution. ILSCA is a first-of-its-kind arbitral institution in India, attached to an educational establishment, Indian Law Society and therefore ILSCA seeks to conduct several training programs and study courses about the various methods of dispute resolution, for the benefit of students and professionals from different educational and professional backgrounds.

The ILSCA Mediation Training Program will provide the participants an opportunity to practice efficient and structured mediation. The program will be a 6-days training involving mediation theory, simulations, real life case studies, discussions and series of presentations.
Effective dispute resolution is a skill to prevent destructive conflict, enabling people to better resolve their disputes. Mediation has become a truly global profession, earning international recognition. While of utmost importance to lawyers and budding lawyers, Mediation is an art that can be learnt by all. Hence, ILSCA invites everyone with an inclination towards peaceful dispute resolution, to join this training program. ILSCA’s 48-hour Mediation Training program focuses on fundamental and practical techniques of mediation to successfully resolve disputes. The training aims to offer necessary training to the participants to become a skilful negotiator and an effective mediator.  This program is a practical training course. While covering theory to give you a framework and the intellectual understanding of negotiation and mediation, this program is about learning. Our focus is on your doing, practicing and experimenting with negotiating and mediating. In this program you will learn how to be a complete
mediator. This program will give you an experience with all of the different styles and approaches that a complete mediators should call upon. Participants of this program will learn how well-equipped a mediator thinks and also learn as how to be the most effective in negotiating disputes. Through this training one will also learn how to negotiate better settlements. Because negotiation is the core component of the mediation process, this program emphasizes negotiation skills, strategies and techniques that you can use. Negotiation is a continuum from a very competitive to a very collaborative. To be a complete negotiator, one must become familiar and practice with all approaches to negotiation. Beyond negotiation, this course will emphasize the communication skills that are
critical in mediating and settling cases. You will also learn how to get people to the table, how to create an environment of agreement once they get there, and how to close the deal and bring about a lasting settlement agreement. The Mediation Training Program at ILSCA offers the opportunity to learn what is necessary to become an effective negotiator and a skilled mediator. Experienced and highly knowledgeable trainers introduce you to the theory and concepts that form the basis of negotiation and mediation practice. The program provide participants with the opportunity to practice this structured dispute resolution process through a series of interactive presentations, role play simulations, real life case studies and discussion groups.

Upon successful completion, ILSCA will issue a certificate in "Skills of Mediation” to all successful participants. The certificate can be used by the participants- students, professionals and others – as a means to enhance their profession. As a Certified Mediator, it can also act as career changers for the professionals as well as non- professionals to enter the field of dispute resolution as a Mediator. As per ILSCA Mediator Empanelment System, a candidate having successfully completed Mediation Training Program, conducted by ILSCA will be eligible for empanelment as ILSCA Mediator.

Find the time to take this program – This training will change your Approach to dispute resolution forever. The program will be conducted by experienced and highly trained mediators including;

  1. Mr. Ajay Mehta (Master Trainer)- Trained as a Mediator in the year 2006 and as a Mediation-Trainer in the year 2008, by MCPC, Supreme Court of India, Mr. Ajay Mehta is empaneled as a Mediator with the Main Mediation Centre, Bombay High Court. As a mediation-trainer he has travelled all over the country, imparted 40-hours mediation-trainings to around 1500 Judges besides judges’ wives, social workers, advocates, bureaucrats, law-students and has also conducted awareness programs for around 5000 people all over the country.
  2. Ms. Tanu Mehta – With a master’s degree in Conflict Resolution and Mediation from Tel Aviv University, Israel, Ms. Tanu Mehta is practicing as Mediator and Conciliator, with case referrals by Courts, Private Organisations and Institutional sources. She is an empaneled mediator at High Court of Bombay, City and Civil Sessions Court of Bombay, IMC ADR Centre (Indian Merchant Chambers), Centre for Alternate Dispute Resolution (CADR) Mumbai, IICA-Ministry of Corporate Affairs, GOI and Association of Mediation Practitioners, Mumbai.
  3. Ms. Gandha Sahu- Trained and accredited by the Indian Institute of Arbitration and Mediation, Cochin in 2014, Ms. Gandha Sahu is presently the Vice-President of Council of Mediators and Arbitrators, Bombay. She is also the member of the Indian Institute of Arbitration and Mediation, Cochin and a member and trustee of the Goa Community Mediation Centre, Goa.
  4. Mr. Firdosh Karachiwala – A Mediation Master Trainer, Mr. Firdosh Karachiwala will visit us on the last day of the session for the assessment and valedictory function. He is an empanelled mediator at International Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ICADR) Delhi, Indian Council of Arbitration (ICA) Delhi, Bombay Incorporated Law Society – High Court Bombay, World Mediation Forum (WMF) (Steering Committee), Lawyers Engaged in Alternative Dispute Resolution (LEADER) Australia. Mr. Karachiwala has also co-authored Book on “Mediation in India – A Toolkit” published by USEFI.

Details of the program:

Date 26 th November – 1 st December 2018 (Six days)
Time 10 am to 6 pm (with two tea breaks and a lunch break on all the days)

Venue Conference Hall, ILS Law College, Pune

Students – 8,000/- (Including GST)
Faculty members – 15,000/- (Including GST)
Professionals – 20,000/- (Including GST)
Fee includes Training material, ILSCA Mediation Rules,
coffee/snacks for breaks and lunch for 5 days.)
Visit the website –
For on line Payment and for the application form
Last date of payment – 26 th November 2018

For further queries contact any of the following
Faculty Co-Coordinators:
1. Mrs. Sathya Narayan, Director ILSCA
2. Ms. Anwita Dinkar, Research Associate, ILSCA
Office Coordinator: –
3. Ms. Manjusha Gurjar

Contact details
Tel. – 020 25676866 Email –


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Vidhishilpakar : Certificate Program 2018-19 — What? How? And Why? Of Learning the Law

Individuals who ‘learn how to learn’ develop lifelong learning skills. Interdisciplinary approach inculcates the learning skills more effectively. It develops independent thinking process and built up confidence in student. Besides learning social sciences as a part of curriculum, building strong foundations of a legal career is important. The program aims at training the first year law students in the technique of learning and understanding law and legislation in light of Political Science, Social Sciences and Language.

After successfully completing this program, the student shall be able to –

1. Understand the method and technique of learning law in an interdisciplinary manner.

2. Comprehend the working of the legal system in light of the social, political and other perspectives.

3. Learn law in a pragmatic and systematic manner. Click Here for Schedule.

The Lectures in the program will be delivered by eminent academicians and senior lawyers.

Eligibility – Any Law Students

Dates24 Sept 2018 to 01 Oct 2018

Duration – 7 Days

Number of Seats – 60

Registration – by online payment through Register Now Link

(You Can pay by SBI Net Banking, Other Bank Net Banking, Credit Card, SBI Branch-Cash Deposit)

Registration fees – 3000/- (Inclusive of GST & Reading Material)

Requirements – Participants are expected to read the provided reading material for every session before hand and actively participate in the discussions. Attendance is Mandatory.

Certificate will be awarded on successful completion of the course.

Contact details:

(A) Faculty co-ordinator: (1) Ms. Smita Sabne, (2) Rajalaxmi Joshi, (3) Swatee Yogessh

(B) Office Co-ordinator: Ms. Deepali Manjrekar –, Phone No. – 9922969717

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Convocation Ceremony for students passing out in the Academic Year 2016- 2017

Chief Guest: Mr. Madhav Godbole, (IAS Retd)

Sunday, 4th March 2018

Instructions for students:

· Students who have filled the convocation form must carry student’s copy of challan. Dress Code – Formals. The rank holders will get the degree certificate in the ceremony. The other students are requested to collect their certificate in the class rooms during 12.30 to 1.30 on 4th March 2018.

· Those who cannot collect their certificate on the convocation day can collect their certificates from college office till 14th March 2018 between 10 am to 1 pm.

· Degree certificates are to be received personally by the student only in the time prescribed.

· For any correction in degree certificate (e.g. Name, College Name, Class ) student has to contact Certificate Section , Savitribai Phule University of Pune within 3 months.

Venue: Laxmi Building

Registration and Tea: 10 to 11 am

Procession: ? 11 to 11.15 am

Convocation Ceremony: ? 11.15 am at Principal Pandit Auditorium (Hall No. 5)

Arrangements for Convocation Gown and Caps:

· Convocation Gowns and caps will be made available on the day of convocation on payment of Rs. 200.

· Convocation Gown and caps to be returned after the ceremony.

Distribution of Degrees for 3rd BA. LL.B. / BSL. LL.B Students: Students who have filled convocation form for obtaining degree certificate of Bachelor of Social Laws (3rd year BA LL.B. / BSL. LL.B.) should collect their degree certificate from College Office between 10 am to 1 pm.